I have performed construction administration functions in a multitude of capacities throughout my career including working in a large contracting department of a government agency.  I have also worked for an international engineering firm that led the project management team for a mega NYC transportation project.  

Although very successful in those endeavors, my greatest impact has been with small contracting firms.  I spent some time as the office manager for a certified Minority Business Contractor (commercial finishes), an office engineer for a GC in upstate NY and now, happily provide  bookkeeping and administrative support to a handful of small contractors.  

Because of these experiences, I know that the never ending trail of paperwork in construction can be overwhelming and

"Thank you for your quick response and help with my punchlist form.  This was my first time doing work for this client and I wanted to impress them.  With your help, I believe I did.  Thanks again."

Highland, NY

"I'm glad to know you're so easy to get a hold of when I need help with my paperwork."

Newark, NJ

"Thanks for adding my logo and making the changes to my warranty form.  It was quick and easy and I will tell other contractors that I work with about your website."

Boydton, VA

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Construction Forms & Administrative Help for Contractors!
Construction Forms & Administrative Help for Contractors!
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time consuming especially for folks who don't sit at a desk or use a computer regularly.  

Unfortunatly, it doesn't matter if your client is a government agency, a private owner or a GC, we all know how important the paper part of this business is and the risks associated with not having the right paper trails in place. Thus, no matter where I've worked, I have always helped the contractors and subcontractors that I worked with to ensure that they could complete their paperwork on time.

This website is a cumulation of my hands-on experiences, my professional background and the need  that I know exists for contractors to have a reliable resource to turn to when they need help with their paperwork.  I hope to hear from you soon!
A reliable resource when you need help with your paperwork!